Teachers Training

Teachers play a pivotal role in the process of child development and learning. Our teachers are interpreters of your child’s needs and are responsible for stimulating a sense of inquisitiveness within them. A teacher’s role at SRMJV is to love, inspire and encourage children to believe in themselves and their dreams. Teacher Training at SRMJV takes place in different phases. Initially, we aim at identifying the weaknesses and obstacles faced by any teacher.


Class observations:The HOD’s and Principals contribute to identifying the problems by observing the classes.

  •   The beginning of the Academic year:This includes the initial teacher’s training, teaching methodologies, class control, classroom pedagogy etc.
  •   Ongoing training:The teachers undergo curriculum workshops and discussions with the Principal and the Head of the Department on the sessions that take place. The planners also brief the teachers with lesson plans, guiding them on how to go about with the lessons, micro-teaching, notes of lesson etc.
  •   In-house Training:We have also introduced in-house training where they are trained on Quality tools and techniques.
  •   Outsource Facilitator:Expertise from various fields will conduct workshop and seminar for our teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Every teacher adopt their own methodology and we do not want them to be restricted to a particular way of teaching. These training sessions help the teachers with required guidance. In a way, we are nurturing creativity in our teachers, to be passed on to our students eventually.