Sri. P Kishore Kumar Jain, Director

Mr.Kishore Kumar is a Commerce Graduate, very calm in nature and an easily approachable person. His focus towards encouragement of students in education, sports and improvement of various life skills is well known. He always supports with his generous help to students and parents for the betterment of their continuance of education.
He is a Philanthropist and a successful Executive and Administrator. He has a great passion in driving quality education. A practical person who firmly believes that only education empowers society. He is a person who treats his job as part of himself. He is recognized with all leadership traits such as self – awareness, self – management, social awareness, relationship skills and a responsible decision maker.
Education has been dear to his heart right from his formative years. True to the Visionary that he is, he guides the strategic vision and direction for the entire Group. Conceiving and nurturing the formation of the Sri.R.M.Jain Group of Schools, is what keeps him busy these days.He is a strong believer that his systematic approach, guidance and contribution to Team SRMJV itself is the true publicity among the parents and public of Tiruvallur and continues to pursue his ambitions passionately.

Dr.J.Ajeeth Prasath Jain, Academic Advisor

A dedicated and resourceful educator with a proven ability to create and monitor policies and practices that promote a safe learning environment, thus ensuring a school culture that encourages continuous improvements for teachers and students; develops an environment that encourages open communication with peers, students, and the community; mentors educators in the creation and implementation of class instructions, lesson plans, and student assessment in conjunction with learning standards.
He is the recipient of National Best Teacher Award for the year 2004 from Hon’ble Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, President of India. He has many awards and accolades to his credit. He held many responsible position both in CBSE and Tamil Nadu Government. Currently he is the member of the Education Committee of, Hindu Religious &Charitable Endowments Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.
Over thirty three years of expertise in developing strategies to drive academic improvement at all levels of educational development. As a Senior Principal of Rajaji Bahvan’s e- governance program was been his USP. Also manage students, employees and all the activities related to school, feedback from students, teachers and parents enhances his style of leadership. Right choice of curriculum is his forte. Collaborated and implemented a reporting system for assessments, three dimensional learning platform for experiential learning and setting up Online Testing program are few initiatives that sets higher standards of learning experience for teachers and students.

Smt. Jayashree Narayanan, Principal – CBSE

Jayashree Narayanan brings to the table a legacy of global best practices as the Principal of Sri R.M.Jain Vidhyashram Senior Secondary School. A life-long learner, she has over three decades of experience in the profession of teaching. Having spent most of her life in the education sector, she is particularly interested in practices that unchain and set free the latent talent of every single child in her institution.
She is a post graduate in English & History as her major subjects; she has successfully prepared students from Grades10 & 12 for their CBSE curriculum. She was the recipient of the “Best Teacher Award” from CSSC-North Cluster. She is also the city coordinator for NEET UG exam.
Jayashree has the propensity to dream and determine with her colleagues and students towards building robust academic environment based on fundamental human values. She has been known to go beyond the call of duty as a professional to help students, their parents and the staff in their time of need and this remains her most enduring character as an educator.

Smt. Sujithra Ravinder, Principal – Matriculation

Sujithra Ravinder comes with more than two decades of experience as an Academician with diversified roles played as a Principal and a mentor. She holds a master degree in Commerce and English with B.Ed, and M.phil in commerce. She brings with her knowledge and experience of New Age teaching practices and pedagogies and is committed to academic excellence.
Her rich experience has empowered her with diverse and cutting edge approaches to become an accomplished Academic Administrator. Smt.Sujithra was instrumental in initiating 5s programs and spearheaded the internal audit team within the group of schools. Her team was successful in getting an Excellence Award by CCQCE for implementing and practicing 5S.
She was the recipient of the “Best Teacher Award” from The International Association of Lion Club Hindu Charitable Trust – Chennai.
Smt.Sujithra firmly believes that a Teacher with passion to teach, hunger to learn and the determination to nurture the young minds is the best guide, friend and mentor for a student. Children are lifelong learners, they are molded to become successful and reach the peak of excellence. Preparing them to face the global challenge is her ambition.