About the School

Sri. R.M.Jain Group of Schools, in its pursuit of a holistic education, envisages inspiring and fostering a community of caring, progressive, and lifelong learners, who view success as more than just academic achievements, We nurture the personal, emotional and spiritual growth of human beings.
SRMJV endeavours to prepare each and every student for academic, social and personal success by creating a community of empowered and diverse learners striving to be globally conscious citizens, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust.
The first ever school in Tiruvallur to implement the Total Quality Management. We have initiated with the 5S program and our team was successful in getting an Excellence Award by CCQCE for implementing and practicing the same.

Why you have to choose SRMJV?

Academics at SRMJV

Good academics are the foundation of any school and our heritage of instilling academics goes back to our basic teaching principle "We facilitate, We do not instruct". Our teachers, through their continued guidance and support, enable us to unravel the potential in each individual to ignite his/her originality and nurture the zeal for achieving what they focused on.

Our Sports

Sports facilitate the development of a peaceful mind, healthy body, sharp intellect and social skills. Our motto is to encourage every student to participate in atleast one sport, be it indoors or outdoors. Students who have a thirst for specializing in any particular sport are offered mentorship and guidance by our well trained coaches and through special sports programmes to achieve in their chosen fields

Multifaceted Development at SRMJV

Every child has a unique combination of varied intelligence. Thus, we encourage out students to participate in various co-curricular activities offered beyond classroom learning to unravel their own competencies. We strive to create a space where children can speak their minds, express their hearts and explore their souls.

Beyond Schooling

Our aim is to drive motivation to take our students beyond the rigid structures of classroom learning and present new ideas and programmes by providing them opportunities of practical learning, community engagements, experimental learning and field experiences. Witnessing the real-life application of classroom theories helps our students overall educational experience.

  Our Vision

To establish Sri R.M.Jain Group of Schools as a world class centre of learning, a leader in imparting joyful, relevant, and value based education to each and every child and to ensure complete fulfilment of the aspirations of all stakeholders. A learning institution that promotes innovation, academic excellence, and intellectual curiosity. To create an environment where children will realize their potential. We want our students to grow up with emotional stability, tolerant, and adaptable individuals with sound value systems. We want our students to be happy learners who respect their own culture and possess sensitivity, knowledge, and skills to contribute to the growth of a diverse culture. We aspire to nurture global goodwill ambassadors.

  Our Mission

Our Mission is to guide our children to climb the ladder of success to reach great heights. We mentor and monitor the children to develop their personality. We mould our children to become responsible citizens whose humane values and core competencies form the basis of an ethical, creative and evolving society that contributes proactively to bring peace and progress in every sphere of life. We motivate children to acquire knowledge and skill to make possible, even the impossible.


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