Karuna Club

Compassion, love, caring for animals, non-violence and respecting animal welfare are important qualities which we should develop among children from very young age. Our Karuna Club activities offer an excellent scope for this. The various events and activities carried on in our Karuna Club help children to develop kindness and empathy towards animals and pets. We conduct various activities such as Karuna March, drawing, oratorical, essay and card designing competitions are liked by our students. It is a pleasure to see our children taking part in these events enthusiastically.

We conduct various competitions like drawing, card designing, oratorical, essay, collage work to promote vegetarianism and compassion towards animals.
Our students go for a “Karnua March” with placards, by creating an awareness among the public the issues like “Rain Water Harvesting”,” Road Safety”, “Be Kind to Living Beings” etc.